Pet Purchase Fraud Protection

Purchase your pet with security 
use Pet Purchase Fraud Protection
  • Avoid Online Pet Scams

  • No Loss of Money

  • Professional Consulting 

  • Assistance With Locating Reputable Breeders

  • Free of Charge

The Humane Society states internet scammers have crept into the realm of online pet sales, stealing money from unsuspecting people who think their new dog or cat is on the way to his or her new home, when in fact there was never really an animal at all. The only party harmed in these scams is the person who is out hundreds or thousands of dollars.

With Secure Pet Transport we can provide consultation to help you with your next pet purchase. Also if you already have a pet in mind we can visit your breeder or the person renouncing guardianship. Pet Purchase Fraud Protection is Free with any purchase of our ground transport services.