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A Little Words About Us

About Us The Highest Safety Rating Within the United States

Our company was created out of love for our furry friends and necessity – the necessity for a better travel option for these creatures. According to The Department of Transportation, nearly 30 animals die each year while being transported. At Instant Pet Transport, we’re not willing to take those chances with our pets – and neither should you.



We have been helping owners move their pets since 1986. Our company strives to have your pet′s move be as safe, comfortable and stress-free as possible. Furthermore, we pay particular attention to details such as; routing, weather, road conditions and other factors that may affect your pet(s) travel, comfort, and safety.

We offer cross-country ground and flight pet shipping services with an emphasis on ethical operations and comfort. Specifically, if we wouldn’t accept certain conditions for ourselves, we are not going to subject your pets to those conditions either. Furthermore, we abide by The Humane Society of the United States’ preferred recommendations for pet travel.

Ultimately, you can expect that your pets get to your destination safely and on-time, every time! We understand that you care about your pets, because we’re pet owners, too. Make the right choice – choose Instant Pet Relocators.


We treat all of your pets as if they were our own. Additionally, our pet transport service is run by professionals with plenty of love and dedication for our furry friends. Hence, you can expect that we will:

Adhere to their medication schedules

Custom Feeding Times

Provide purified water as needed

Stop for bathroom breaks

Stop for exercise as needed

Express Delivery

Care for your pets as if they were ours

Don’t allow your pets to suffer – make the right choice. Call us to schedule your move and our animal transport services will get them to your final destination safely and comfortably.

Meet Our Team

Michael D. Walker
July Roberts
Yui Ishihara
Jonathan Dean

What You Can Expect with Our Pet Shipping Services

Transporting pets can create an uncomfortable, and stressful experience and in some cases, transporting your pets can even become fatal. Furthermore, traveling with pets often creates stress for pet owners alike. Hence, Secure Pet Transport offers ethical, safe pet shipping.


When it comes to vacations or relocations, too many pets get the short end of the stick during transportation. Many airlines have very stringent guidelines for which pets are allowed in the cabin – and some do not allow any pets in the cabin. Ultimately, the chances of your pets flying in the cargo hold are uncomfortably high.


Not only is this uncomfortable for your pets and very likely to cause them stress and anxiety, but it can be dangerous as well. Many pets with short nasal passages (think English Bulldogs, as an example) are highly susceptible to oxygen deprivation and heat stroke. Truthfully, placing your pets under those conditions is not only uncomfortable – it can be fatal.


Ask yourselves, should your loved ones have to endure those conditions? Should they not get the same treatment and the amenities that we ourselves enjoy? At Instant Pet Transport, our answer is a resounding ‘yes’!


What You Need to Know About our Pet Transport Services

  • We are a flight and ground transportation pet shipping company that services the United States.


  • We keep your pets comfortable with regular feeding, bathroom breaks, and walking schedules.


  • We are proud to have a zero fatality and escape rating. We work safely and efficiently so your pets arrive on-time, every time. 


  • We do not discriminate against certain breeds or pets with medical conditions. All domestic pets are welcome at Secure Pet Transport. 


  • According to The Humane Society of the United States, in-cabin flights and ground travel are the safest methods of pet travel. We combine superior safety with competitive pricing. As a result, we are the leading provider of pet transport services among professionals and pet owners.


  • We are licensed and insured. Some more details about our coverage:


SPT Insurance

Policy Limits

General Liab… 1,000,000 / 2,000,000

Animal Bailee… 15,000 / 30,000

Per Day Care… 1 Location

Broadened Property Damage…10,000 / 25,000


Door 2 Door Service

We offer door-to-door ground transportation

for pets within the continental U.S.

No Discrimination

Pets with disabilities are not up charged or denied service.

We also do not discriminate breeds.

Comfortable Transport

During travel all pets are given a USDA approved cargo kennel, grain free feed, purified water, and routine exercise.

Secure In-Cabin Escorts

We provide comfortable in-cabin flights for pets under 20 pounds. Our Air Custodians never leave your pets site.